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Anyone ever walk their dog and longboard? It's the day after Christmas and I have my new board and it's 50° with no snow on the ground so after 4 hours of swim practice I want to go ride all day but my dad told me to take the dog for a walk because the weather's so nice so.... I did both. I found that with my dog walking in people's yards(respectfully, not too far in) and me riding near the curb, I could keep one foot on my board and use one foot to kick on the curb. And by kicking on the curb my feet were level, idk it was fun. Also my dog could pull me kind of but I don't want her to with the leash just connected to a basic neck collar because I don't want to hurt her! btw these are just random pics of my dog that I had when I made this
I've seen videos of were they had a harness and leash and the dog ran next to them and in front of them pulling them on their longboard. There are quite a few of these on YouTube.
@EmilySalzsieder I know I tried surfing with my dog too and called it waterboarding! lol
@RichardSchafer I do exactly that with my dog. She can runnnnnn! @ThtYoungElwoodJ longboarding (I guess you could call it dog boarding?) with a dog is the best!!