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Do you feel like the magic is gone once Christmas has passed? It doesn't have to be! Despite bad weather - actually maybe because of it - winter is a great time for romance. What about trying one of these romantic winter date ideas? 1. Rent a cabin There are lots of places with cabins for rent at different price ranges - for example, Yosemite National Park has everything from very basic "tent cabins" to more elaborate, fancy cabins with fireplaces and other house-time amenities. Of course a fireplace would be most romantic, but really you can cuddle anywhere! 2. Have a beach bonfire This one can be done alone as a couple or with a group of friend! Amazingly, both can be romantic. Channel your inner bohemian and break out your flannel layers, scarves, beach blankets, s'more ingredients, guitar and head out to the beach. Double check that your nearest beach allows bonfires and what the regulations are. Spontaneity is great, but it's not so romantic to have your plans ruined by unexpected regulations, or a visit from the police. 3. Make your own Best of 2014 tour Each of you make a five-point list of the favorite places you went in 2014, together or as a couple, then plan a "tour" of those spots over the course of a weekend. It's a great way to remember the great times you've had and recapture their magic. On the last stop, make another list of five points each, this time of things you'd like to do or places you'd like to go as a couple in 2015. 4. Have a "Missed Movie" or "Missed Show" marathon. The year is coming to an end - and there are probably several movies you missed from 2014 that you really wanted to see, or shows that looked interesting but you left on the back burner. Now you can look them up, make some popcorn, cuddle up under some blankets and push play! 5. Go find some hot springs, or at least a nice hotel with an outdoor hot tub. There are few things that are relaxing, exhilarating and romantic at the same time, but sitting in a steaming hot bubbling pool of water while your head is cold and the stars are above is one of them!
sounds nice
I'm down for #2 during any time of year! ;)
It does, doesn't it, @lilbitty! I wish I could do all of these this winter :)