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FreakAngels: Free Awesome Webcomic from Warren Ellis!
I love Warren Ellis' comics - he is well-known English author of comics, novels, and a lot of other great stuff he posts online. I was thrilled when several years ago he and artist Paul Duffield started a really amazing postapocalyptic comic online called FreakAngels - available to read, to this day, for free! They are now available for sale on trade paperback, which I've gotten because I prefer reading them that way and to collect them (because they are awesome, as I mentioned). But, you can still go read this comic at freakangels.com (link attached). The plot basically centers around a group of punky, somewhat deviant 23-year olds who have special abilities. They have survived a near-apocalyptic event in London and are now the caretakers of a group of survivors. But are they the saviors, or the danger themselves? This was actually the first cosplay I did, as the character in the 2nd and 3rd images I included, for my trip to Tokyo a few years back. FreakAngels was serialized from 2008-2011 and is 864 pages long - for free! I still can't believe how awesome that is... you'll be busy for a while. It even has some steampunk elements, as you can see. I linked to the beginning of the beginning of the comic. If you just use the plain link it will show you the last page.
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