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im never doing this again...not only do i feel like i got ripped off, but some of the items appeared to be used...
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i would have been super grateful for the grizzlies if they weren't rusty...and i am still excited to get the prototype wheels on
3 years ago·Reply
The axles do that very easily could have done it threw shipping honestly if you're not close. And wd 40 just ensued that its gonna happen more btw
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Trucks about $50 + protos $20-$30 + shirt $18-$25 + socks $10 *stickers $3-$5 =$101-$120 dude even if the gear is partly used you still got your money's worth.
3 years ago·Reply
true enough. ive had a long week. i was being quite cynical yesterday
3 years ago·Reply
WD 40 stands for water displacer so I'd recommend using like bearing oil on those rusty spots
3 years ago·Reply