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Finally! I’ve been planning this forever. Hope you all understand it fully. Let’s get started! Materials Needed: *Twine Rope (Twine 210D/9) *Knitting Needle (For knitting. Since I didn’t put that in this tutorial you’ll just need the ability to knit, compel someone to do it for you or bully someone into doing it for you 😜 *Cutter *Buttons (Depends on what you want. I used 2) *Colored beads (Depends on what you want. I used round wooden size 6 beads) *Sand Beads *Scissors *Fishing lines (.25mm… this is the thinnest. Thus passing it through a needle won’t be difficult at all) *Needle (the thinnest you can find. Thin enough to easily pass through your choice of sand beads) *Tape Rule to measure your wrist. (Standard wrist size: 8) *And…… some Patience. you’ll need it! 😁 STEPS: 1) Knit your clasp. One bears the button and the other bears the loop. (You want to make sure the button loop is wide enough for the button to pass through). I advice you test it once you are through. 2) Get a flat plate or anything flat with lids at the edges (trust me you don’t want those scattered all over the place); pour out your sand beads. All the different colors you might have selected. Mix ‘em up. 3) Cut out some .25mm fishing line. Make it really long or short depending on what you are comfortable with. (if it long, you won’t have to join another .25 fishing line at the middle; but you have to be careful to avoid tangles. If it’s short, get ready to join at the middle!) 4) Pass the .25 fishing line through a loop of one end of your knitted clasp. Tie it well. Twice or thrice will do. (Thrice is preferred for security and for neatness...). You can decide to add “a little” glue to it if you are a little paranoid (…like me 😏). 5) Pass the other end of the .25 fishing line through the eye of the needle. (this is optional. I only advice it for speed and ease) 6) Let the stinging Begin! 7) When you’re done stringing the first strand, pass into one end of the other clasp to connect them. Measure the length (you don’t want to work hard on an oversized/undersized bracelet now do you? 😒) 8) Now keep stringing each time passing into the nearest loop on the knitted clasp at the end of each strand (note; you’ll be stringing forth and back; ------- i.e. “forth”… “Pass through a loop on the button clasp”… “Back”… “Pass through a loop on the button loop side”… “Repeat”). You don’t have to use a new .25 fishing line for each loop except you want to; or you used a short .25 fishing line at first. 9) When you’ve strung & strung through each loop all the way to the other end of the clasp on each side and it’s time to wrap things up… after passing the needle into the last loop & through the last strand tying it after every 2nd beads. (Twice or thrice does it. To my fellow paranoid fellas… let’s do it through the whole length of the last strand). 10) Now your work is 95% done. 5% is getting rid of all the stray threads sticking out here and there. SCISSORS!!! 11) Threads gone! 💃Everything is smooth & ready for a road trip, a trip to the beach, etc… get creative. If you got to this point, THANK YOU! I really hope you fully understood it. Please feel free to leave your questions, suggestions, corrections, opinions… etc below. THANK YOU! MERCI BEAUCOUP! KAMSAHAMNIDA! DALLU! 👋