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Oh wow... I have to get to Japan immediately. Universal Studios Hollywood is getting majorly one-upped by Universal Studios Japan, at least for otakus. They just released an ad for a new Evangelion attraction - a 4D show. This "Universal Cool Japan" event apparently also includes Attack on Titan, Resident Evil and Monster Hunter. Check out the description from Anime News Network: "The attraction will have a new original story that cannot be seen outside of the event. In the story, the park visitors become civilians who seek refuge in an underground shelter in Tokyo-3. Thanks to an emergency communique from Nerv headquarters, a large helicopter extracts the visitors — right before an Angel attack. EVA-01 launches, and the visitors are caught in the battle where survival is uncertain. The story will have 3D footage of mecha fights." And, of course - because this is Japan - there are also elaborate themed snacks: "Universal Studios Japan will serve an Angel curry bun with an A.T. Field wave to break through, as well as a Core dessert in an Angel case ("Destroy the core!") and an "Angel Extermination Drink" pierced with a Spear of Longinus." AND - this is the best - headphones shaped like those triangular hair clips that help the pilots interface with the Evas. SOOO COOL!! It looks like it may only run from January 23 - May 10. Man, I wish I could go. You should definitely check out the video in the ANN article (linked). I couldn't directly link the video because it's not supported - but it's definitely worth a look.
I want one of those angel extermination drinks. They look so cool!
That sounds so cool!!
I hope so! There are these awesome Gundam game pods in Akihabara that I just have to try again haha!
I just left East Asia :( So sad!
That's my favorite, too, @danidee!
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