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4. Eyes, Nose, Lips - Tablo & Taeyang 3. Don't Look At Me Like That - Song Jieun Sorry if the videos don't play! All credit goes to the owners of these videos! ( I do not own these videos)! @Cryomorph
I Love Tablo's Version Of Eyes , Nose , Lips
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@cassandratomas7 Same I almost prefer it to Taeyangs!
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I love all the different covers of Eyes Nose Lips. Did you ever see IKON's cover during the finale of Mix & Match? It was so pretty.
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@danidee NO I must see it!!!! I love IKON!! ( even though they haven't actually debuted!!) lol:D
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@jiggzy19 You will love it @danidee Especially Donghyuk's voice ^^
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