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Goodreads just released their Best Science Fiction of 2014 Readers' Choice list, and it's got some good ones! I'm very tempted to make it my 2015 reading goal to read everything on this list. But for now, I'm definitely planning to pick up The Martian, Annihilation, California, and A Better World. California has a funny story actually - it was featured on The Colbert Report when Stephen and guest Sherman Alexie promoted it in order to strike back at Amazon. Here's a link to the video for your enjoyment: Meanwhile, here's the list: 1. The Martian - Andy Weir 2. Lock In - John Scalzi 3. Sand - Hugh Howie 4. The First Fifteen Lives - Harry August 5. The Long Mars - Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter 6. Annihilation - Jeff VanDerMeer 7. Apolonia - Jamie McGuire 8. Influx - Daniel Suarez 9. California - Edan Lepucki 10. Earth Awakens - Orson Scott Card and Aaron Johnston 11. The Flight of the Silvers - Daniel Price 12. Ancillary Sword - Ann Leckie 13. Cibola Burn - James S. A. Corey 14. Heaven's Queen - Rachel Bach 15. A Better World - Marcus Sakey 16. World of Trouble - Ben H. Winters 17. Out of the Black: Odyssey One - Evan Currie 18. To Honor You Call Us - H. Paul Honsinger 19. Hollow World - Michael J. Sullivan 20. Lines of Departure - Marko Kloos
Nineteen more books for me to read listed here. Seems I've only got one finished! Will there ever be enough time to read all the books?
@alexsandriamz I still haven't finished (or started) it, so I guess it's time!
The Martian is REALLY GOOD! definitely a must read