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After losing a lot of traction in the public eye in the past few years, space seems to be making a comeback, folks! And thank goodness, because space is AWESOME. 2014 was definitely the year of space! Let's see what we had: The European Space Agency's Rosetta "Philae" probe made the first successful landing on a comet - and it was broadcast live! "Watch It Live!! First Spacecraft Landing on a Comet" by me "Rosetta Comet Landing Updates" by @timeturnerjones NASA's new Orion spacecraft completed its first spaceflight test: A very cool space simulation posted by @TeamWaffles: "Astronaut: Earth From the ISS" posted by @hikaymm "Life in the universe, human nature and the source of creativity" - a video by E. O. Wilson posted by @handregrub Movies: Wanderers, an awesome scifi short film by Erik Wernquist, posted by @hikaymm: Interstellar - a science fiction movie about a future in which the Earth is turned into a dustbowl and we have to go look for other inhabitable planets. "SPOILER ALERT: Let's talk about Interstellar!" (by me) "Interstellar and losing the magnetic chain of humanity" by @handregrub "Interstellar -- why, why, WHY?!" by @McDoogle Gravity - a nail-biting, extremely well-executed movie about the experience of astronauts in space. So much better than the description. The Rocket - an award-winning movie at the Tribeca Film Festival about a boy in Laos who dreams of building a rocket. I haven't seen this one, but now I want to! I included the trailer. It's not about space per se, but it is about the desire to reach up into the sky, so I think it counts. Under the Skin - A movie featuring Scarlett Johansson as a serial-killing alien. Edge of Tomorrow - A much better movie about soldiers in a vicious alien war who have to relieve the same day over and over until they can prevail. Jupiter Ascending - Mila Kunis as a toilet cleaner who is actually cosmic royalty. I haven't seen this one, but I probably will. Channing Tatum with pointy ears is super distracting, but hopefully it's not as silly as that makes it seem. Earth to Echo - kind of our 21st century ET attempt. A group of kids finds and tries to help a little robot-like alien. Guardians of the Galaxy - SOO GOOD! A rockin' movie based on the Marvel comic, in which a band of misfits rile things up in space as they try to save the universe. "JAM OUT to Guardians of the Galaxy!" by me "Bloopers from Guardians of the Galaxy" posted by @timeturnerjones "Guardians of the Galaxy: JJ Abrams Style" posted by @timeturnerjones There's so much more I could put in here, but it would get way too long - such as space video games, for example, or books about space. What are your favorite moments or things from 2014: The Year of Space?
Let's hope 2015 is as AWESOME for space related goodies :)
Thanks for this handy list of space-themed cards. I'm definitely going to visit a bunch of them now that I'm in full-on 2014 reflection mode.
My pleasure! I'm definitely in that mode, too.