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A student once asked his mentor. "Is it good to dream of things out of reach?" His mentor replied; "Well now how else would you reach them?" The student than asks; "Is it wise to think beyond the norm?" His mentor continues with, "Now how else might you innovate?" The student was confused, seemingly his mentor knew he'd only answered with another question. The student almost irritant asks "Why won't you give me an answer?" The mentor looking pleased says, "Ah but haven't I answered everything you've asked, just also while asking for an answer myself?" "Will I ever make it, do you think?" Asks the student The mentor replies; "It matters of how far you're willing to push yourself, and that is a question you must ask yourself."
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@WyattHaste As always, great piece! It's such a tricky balance as a mentor or teacher to give someone the answers, while also still encouraging them to search more for the answer themselves! Unfortunately, it's often complicated. I think any teacher would love this piece, because it's a position we often find ourselves hoping we can fill!