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Furs are taking over the streets this season! The stylish, contemporary, and bold piece is seen in different cut and textures. This trend is being spotted from model Daria Werbowy to fashion icon Olivia Palermo. Have a look at some of the inspiring fur pieces spotted on the street. 1. Daria Werbowy totally rocked the fox hoodie with leather pants and black boots. 2. This rainbow fur coat showed that color is also a huge trend this season. 3. Fur neck wear in replacement of scarf can keep your throat warm in cold and dry days. 4. A fool-proof way to wear a fur vest in Los Angeles-like weather. 5. Fur overcoat for extra cold days is definitely a genius! 6. Ditch the boring beanie with a fur cap that frames the face. 7. Learn from Olivia Palermo at mixing fur with other textures and patterns.
@streak9381 @stargaze @madeleine This is really a gorgeous coat admittedly! Thank you for showing us all the style @madeleine! I know I appreciate your clothing style! Let me say that! I am learning lots of things here on this site which is new to me! While I personally cannot wear real fur I know some people do. I also just really learned a lot from @streak9381 about Fake Fur! So I will do some research on that issue for myself because I do not want to wear any kind of animal fur or wear any sort of animal that has been hurt or killed for the purpose of my clothing. And yet I have to wonder is that a completely ignorant statement on my part as well? Do animals go into the making of many of our other clothing? Ugh, now I am really beginning to wonder and worry thanks to a very thoughtful and thought provoking @streak9381. Thank you all for your contributions you all make me think! I love it! Happy and Safe wonderfully fun and may all your dreams and wishes come true New Year!
@streak9381 I have to look into that. I never heard of faux fur being made with dog hair!
@redridergirl I know what you mean. I also like faux fur. I could never do real fur.
Only if it is Fake Fur. I don't agree with killing animals for fur. Sorry. I support PETA and the U.S. Humane Society and all animals shelters and protectors. I do enjoy fake fur which is warm and just as fashionable!
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