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I went to Zumiez (the guy there is super chill and he knows his stuff, trust me) Anyway, I threw on these Calibers with risers. We were curious on how the design of the front of the board would act with the risers since the angle was weird, but in the end it works perfectly. It allows you to have some sharp carves and to take real precise turns. This board has more flex than I thought, which I also love. The Mini Moster Hawgs... Dear god they are AMAZING. They are so grippy and smooth! I was hoping they would have Zealous bearings, but they didn't so I stuck with Bones Reds. They always impress(: Let's just say that I'm in love...
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you didn't ride it out? lol
3 years ago·Reply
I would've passed out from even more attention @drlizardo hahaha! I did zoom all around the parking lot though c: I didn't want to go in the car..
3 years ago·Reply
shoulda rode home lol!
3 years ago·Reply
So, you out taking your Squidster for a ride?
3 years ago·Reply
Pintails are the bomb! They just can't bomb hills. But I love pins glad you like your new board @EmilySalzsieder.
3 years ago·Reply