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I'm gonna look it up but does anyone know what the Bustin in the corner is? Yeah it's a bad shot but anyway...they have new stuff and haven't updated their website. Longboarding - Skatebilly's Skate Shop http://www.skatebillys.com/longboarding/?sort=featured&page=1 I added a review and the Bustin video.
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The Ibach didn't have it's name on it anywhere but I've looked it up it's not a bad board. @OracioDiaz
@drlizardo no its not bad at all, I'm guessing your looking for a freeride board, why don't you check out thelongboardstore.com
no I was just curious actually @OracioDiaz
they sold the majority of their longboards and bought Bustin this time... they've got a few that have been there a while I might go back another day and make em a deal lol @OracioDiaz
Added two videos to this.