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About a week ago, my fellow K-Pop homie @Cryomorph tagged me in a K-Pop song challenge where we have to pick our fourteen favorite songs of 2014. 2014 was a huuuge year of music for me! There were so many awesome debuts and comebacks this year, and I'm really excited for a lot of the ones that will be happening next year. Instead of counting them down for the rest of the year, I'm just going to post them all here and add some of their videos. So without further ado, here is my list! 14. Hyorin & Jooyoung - "Erase": I love this song as it's how I was able to discover the wonderfulness that is Jooyoung's super silky vocals. Check out his solo stuff. So good. 13. AOA - "Short Hair": This was definitely AOA's year, and I absolutely love this song. The chorus is so catchy, and the dance is so adorable and feminine. 12. MAMAMOO - "Mr. Ambiguous": This was the girl group debut I was seriously counting down to this year, and they were worth the wait. I love how they're perfectly unconventional and very neo-soul. 11. A Pink - "Mr. Chu": I have an unapologetic lady crush on Eunji, and I feel like A Pink is definitely well on their way to being the next generation's SNSD. 10. Boyfriend - "Obsession": When I first heard this song, I was really surprised to find out it was by Boyfriend - but a really good surprised! 9. BTS - "Boy In Luv": I feel like this was the official anthem of this year's KCON here in Southern California. So many good memories attached to it now! 8. 2AM - "Days Like Today": I was telling the other K-Pop Vinglers today that I feel like this song is painfully underrated. It's one of those songs I have to replay a few times when it comes on before I continue onto another track. 7. 2PM - "Go Crazy": This song is so much fun! I love the completely weird choreography for it too. 6. Hyuna - "Red": This is seriously the best song Hyuna has ever done as a solo artist. It makes me really anticipate what's up for her in the year to come. 5. GOT7 - "A": I feel like this song sold me on GOT7 a lot more than "Girls Girls Girls" did. Plus this concept is completely adorable, right? 4. Epik High - "Born Hater": BEENZINO. BOBBY. VERBAL JINT. BI. MINO. WHAT. THIS COLLABORATION MAKES ME TALK IN LOUD VOLUMES. And it also has me saying "That's no-no." way too much, but that's a story for another day. 3. Troy - "Green Light": I am SO HAPPY that this group finally debuted. And this song and music video make me so happy! 2. Jay Park featuring Simon D - "Metronome": Okay, this song lays on the Justin Timberlake vibe really heavily, but I still love everything about it. Simon D and Jay Park are seriously a perfect team together, and I'm excited to see what else comes out of AOMG next year. 1. Epik High - "Happen Ending": While I love how they used a lot of YG females during their live stages, the original vocalist on this track, Jo Won Seon of Rollercoaster, really added a beautifully haunting element to this song. Tablo is such an amazing lyricist too. This album was seriously the best one from this year. Get it get it get it.
Great list :) Epik High is on pretty much everyone's list because their album is just that....EPIC but Troyyyyy....so glad you included them. Green Light is infectious<3 and Metronome....seriously can't go wrong with Jay Park and Simon D. AOMG<3
@danidee Same here ^.^ Its such a cute show. Always puts a smile on my face. I knowwww :( I was super bummed to hear that they'd be leaving too. I'm honestly gonna miss them....IDC if that makes me a weirdo lol.
@PassTheSuga The Return of Superman is one of my favorite TV shows! I'm really sad that Haru and Tablo are leaving. :(
@jiggzy19 I'm telling A Pink you don't love them hahaha ;)
@MattK95 @Cryomorph I'm glad you guys like my list! That was a really difficult challenge, haha
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