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In the upcoming MBC korean drama production "I Miss You", there is going to be a face-off between Yoo Seung-Ho and Park Yoo-Chun! Yoo has much more acting experiences than Park but yet he is not chosen as the male lead. Anyway it's going to be tiring for Yoo after his recent role in Arang. :(
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i know... he looked great as the jade emperor..just lacked in screen time.. haha..anyways like jade emperor said he coudnt much figure out humans..guess he's coming down now to check it out
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i wonder what his role will be in i miss you... second male lead? lol... maybe not, he look so young compared to park yoochun.. maybe YEH's bro..?..^^
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afaik..second lead.. aww..i'll be sorry to be sorry for him
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ohh.. so he's going to be the rival of park yoochun... he has an icy charisma here..
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Ah, another drama with a cast of near perfect and gorgeous people
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