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lee Min Ho has been touching viewers' hearts through SBS's Monday-Tuesday drama 'Faith' (scriptwriter Song Gina, directors Kim Jong Hak, Shin Yong Hwi, production Faith SPC) with his way of drawing out Choi Young's life as a warrior. He received praise for frankly drawing a picture of his character Choi Young's heavy burdens and inevitable master-servant relationship as a bitter and sorrowful warrior in 'Faith'. After witnessing the deaths of his pure first love, Mae Hee (Kim Hyo Sun) and his boss Moon Chi Hoo (Choi Min Su), who he regarded like a father, Choi Young carried on a life of weilding a sword in order to die. His character showed a freshness early on when he confessed to the king, "I really don't know anything about having allegiance to Koryo." Choi Young, who essentially had nothing left in the world, stood out in particular for waking up as a human being and maturing as he experienced the feeling of humanity through King Gong Min (Ryu Deok Hwan), who knew all about embarassment, and fell in love with a woman named Eun Soo (Kim Hee Sun), who blew energy into his life. During the 20th episode of 'Faith' that was aired on October 16, Choi Young returned to the palace and was having a drink with Ahn Jae (Kim Tae Hwan) when Choi Young was asked, "Has your sword gotten heavy?" His heavy life, after repeatedly killed numerous people since the age of 16, was displayed and Choi Young was seen holding up his sword, weighing it. 'Faith' has four episodes left to air. Anticipation for how Choi Young's life as a warrior will be constructed as he continues to be a stout pillar of assistant of Kim Gong Min and lives an energetic life as one man for Eun Soo. CR: Topstarnews.com