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On Faith: Lee Min Ho vows to love Kim Hee Sun Actor Lee Min Ho will make a vow to love Kim Hee Sun on SBS’s Monday-Tuesday series Faith. On the twenty-first episode of the series, which will air on October 22, Lee (plays the role of Choi Young) expresses his feelings towards Kim (plays the role of Eun Soo). Even though Lee realizes that he loves Kim, he has to say goodbye to her because of dangerous situations. But it is different this time. Lee makes a vow to love Kim and Kim will cry. Their performance will make the scene sadder. Since Kim has to go back to where she came from soon, many people are wondering what Lee will say to her. A spokesperson for the series said, “Lee tells Kim that he loves her. Lee has always lived for other people but this time he expresses his feelings for himself. He will prove that he loves Kim to the audience.” The episode will air on October 22 at 10:15 p.m. cr: en.korea.net
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