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This article I found has 27 nail tricks that you would want to know and would want to try. 1. Use ice water to dry your nails in three minutes. -Let them air dry for few minutes then dunk your hands into ice water. 2. Make your own dotting tool, by sticking a small pin into a pencil eraser. 3. The first coat of chunky glitter polishes should be dabbed, not brushed on. This will help distribute glitter evenly on your nails. 4. Apply multiple thin coats instead of one thick coat. 5. Use Band-Aids to get perfect French Tips. Use the sheer kind. 6. Fix a smudge by licking your finger and gently smoothing the smudge out. ( It works only when it's still wet) 7. Don't sit near a fan. You might think that it will help dry your nail polish faster, but it will just make bubbles and ruin your polish. For 20 other tips, go to the link below the photos!