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Main poster added for upcoming film CODENAME: JACKAL starring Song Ji-Hyo & Kim Jae-Joong. Movie deals with a female assassin hired to kill a pop star. CODENAME: JACKAL will be released November 15, 2012 in South Korea. cr:iam.shim@fb
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jaejoong is cute here...^^
5 years ago·Reply
jaejoong ..yup.. looks cute!
5 years ago·Reply
neaa...we need to pay attn to this movie..this is how we are capture and train or potential OTP for our think we can add him...maybe a a small role like a bellhop or something....
5 years ago·Reply
i lost you there sweety!
5 years ago·Reply
hahahha.. sorry, i didn't get it too.. ^^ add him to where exactly? ^^
5 years ago·Reply