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There are three things that I can't tolerate in my home. One, a messy kitchen. Two, a dirty bathroom. Three, tangled cords on the floor. The first two I can easily get it out of the way with cleaning, but the third one is what gives me a headache. Almost every electronic device comes with cords. With two men living in the home the entertainment center can be a jungle of cords on certain days. Overtime I learned how to tame these wires. Here are 4 cord-organizing tricks you can hopefully find useful. 1. Washi Tape All USB cords look identical. Add washi tape to the top of your cords and label it. This will save you time when you're looking for the correct cord for your device. 2. Toilet paper rolls Repurpose empty toilet paper roll and use them for chargers. You will need one empty toilet paper roll per wire. I like decorating the rolls with craft paper to make them look prettier. 3. Charging station from a shoebox. If you have a whole bunch of empty shoebox use it as a cord charging station. The inside of the box will hold the power source and your gadgets' cords will be threaded through the front. 4. Binder Clips All you need are a few chip binders to keep your cords tidy. Clip them in a row to the end of your desk and thread the ends of your chargers through the clip. This way you can always find the cord you're looking for.
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I do the washi tape. Really saves time and aggravation.