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Belair X 6-12, an entirely new 6x12 film camera that brings an amazing level of lens quality to Lomographers. Offering never-before-seen sharpness, depth of field and ultra-wide photos, Belair X 6-12 flies into a whole new dimension of Lomography. Using the auto-exposure feature, you can now take pictures in 3 different formats: 6x9 photos, 6x6 squares or 6x12 panoramas. This versatile camera allows you to attach either a 90 mm standard lens or a 58 mm wide-angle. With a hot-shoe mount, it can support up to a shutter speed of 1/125s. Belair X 6-12 also comes equipped with a bulb setting for beautiful long exposure shots and MX setting for your double exposure photo shoots. From the 6th photo, there are a total of three kinds of models. On extreme left is Globe-trotter (345,000 korean won) and in the center is Jetsetter (320,000 korean won). On extreme right is Cityslicker (280,000 korean won). If you make an order now you can get to enjoy a discount and purchase the Globe-trotter at 241,500 won, Jetsetter at 224,000 won, and Cityslicker at 196,000won respectively. Hurry and you may refer to for more information.
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would love to see more cards about camera like this!!
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