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@cassandratomas7 thanks for sharing your ost list I love it <3 <3 but I will apologize before I say but the song because I miss you from yonghwa oppa I believe its from Heartstrings , its the song that made me fall in love with his voice and its the song I used to repeatedly listen to over and over again during and after watching the show it brought back a lot of memories as well as other ost from your list like school 2013 , that winter the wind blows, boys over flowers and personal taste the best. Thanks so much for sharing it enjoyed listening to it a lot. Yes I will share with you all my ost list 2 just wait and thanks a lot for the tag.
@sherrysahar Oh yeah it's heartstrings I forgot thanks for reminding me :-)
Oooooo I like this tag (: I will definitely share once I have time. Thanks for the tag!