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Well here we have it as hard as it's been I've counted down 14 of my absolute favourites for the year, as hard as it was I only let myself do one song per group otherwise it would have been all 2NE1 and Sistar XD anyway here's my last two songs (remember none of this is in order cause I could never pick) 2. Born Hater - Epik High (feat. All those other awesome rappers) 1. Thank You Very Much - BESTie While there are so many songs I could have chosen these ones are absolute favourites of mine, I'll post my full list altogether later, thanks if you followed this :) Sorry if the videos don't play:( Full credit to the owners of these videos :) @Cryomorph
Fantastic list Matt! Love all of your choices!
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@Cryomorph thanks so much :)
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I remember a few days ago, my friends and I were playing pool at a place in the Korean area of town, and this BESTie video came on and all the guys were instantly distracted. Needless to say, I won that round. ;)
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Awesome list Matty!!
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@danidee that's awesome hahaha :)
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