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@priscilla This jewelry is beautiful. Could you update the card to include some details such as the types of beads used, size, closure style, etc? You do lovely work. If you still have them in your possession, would you be able to also add closeups?
@priscialla Can you also add this to "Beads and Jewelry Making" community?
@stargaze... Done. @marshalledgar i;ll post close up photos once i make something similar as soon as i can but to acheive this I used; *10 strands of nude colored Crystal Beads (size 6) *.35mm Fishing line * Gold-plated dividers (30 layers. i cut out 16 layers so i could leave some space in between to make 8 layers ) * Butterfly hooks (usually come in several layers from 2 - 30) *Gold plated Balls. and a 12 layer-holes brooch.