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Um this was really tough for me to do but here are the last 2! 2. Quit Playing - U-KISS 1. Happy - 2NE1 This isn't all of my Top songs for 2014 it's only 14 of them!! :D Remember these were in no particular order!! Sorry if the videos don't play! All credit goes to the owners of these videos! (I do not own these videos!) Thankyou @Cryomorph for tagging me to do this challenge it was tough but lots of fun!!! (⌒▽⌒) <3
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I love this U-Kiss song. I remember thinking the video was kind of too much for me, but the song gets stuck in my head all the time.
@danidee Yeah I get what you mean!
@jiggzy19 I knew U-Kiss were gonna make it on your list, I was just wondering when :)
@MattK95 Haha yes U-KISS are always a must for me same with BTS!
@jiggzy19 I also knew that XD