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One of my top favorite rock bands My favorite song This song is really exactly about the point when you feel like giving up, what goes on in your mind at that point. We all have been through it we choose different paths , some actually end up giving up and choosing a whole different path , and some become stronger following the same path, rising up. Whatever we choose to do we become strong , free and powerful enough to break any walls to reach our own destination. All I really want say to never judge anyone , when someone feels like giving up , you don't know about the pain they are facing , you don't now about the fears that are haunting them. Just be with them , just show them you are their for them no matter what , just show them you care. I really feel like after listening to any song from Imagine Dragons, I am not the only puzzled one in this world.
It's been really cool seeing Imagine Dragons get so popular. I saw them play a bar in Downtown Vegas back in 2010.
I'm really glad Imagine Dragons got popular, they deserve it. I like your interpretation of the song too.
@pipeline @danidee thank you both :-)