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Been real busy skating everything I got, but I've finally got around to posting the pictures I took Christmas day! If anyone wants a review on anything I acquired just put the item's name in comments or message me and I'll get to work! Loot list: Omen Sugar Kick,Landyachtz Werewolf sliding gloves, Some sick cheetah vans/Santa hat to match my leotard, Muirskate shirt, some awesome Dockers skate pants, nice 5/11 skating Levi's jeans with some reflective fabric strips inside the legs, red vicious grip, cloud ride minis 86a, zealous bearings, and a super tough hoodie for all those unforgiving winter wipeouts! I really am lucky to have a family/fiance that is able to help me fund my addiction. This Christmas was awesome!
short wheelbase for life!
@KTM2014 I usually ride 80a's, but I've ridden some 84 incendos. But 86a and a short wheelbase is a whole 'nother beast! I love them now after getting used to them though!
Super fucking zealous, I mean jealous
Sick, steezy and dopety dope! You made out like a bandit.
Nice dude! looks like a nice package. do you like slick wheels?