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A home with no natural lighting can be depressing. It reminds me of a cave and the vibe is not inviting. If your room has no windows a few changes and addition can easily brighten up the space. Use Artificial Light For space that lacks natural light you have to consider the light type and placement. A central overhead fixture like a chandelier or pendant light works well for ambient lighting. Recessed fixtures are perfect for windowless room because the subtle lighting scatters across the ceiling. if you want to depict natural light in your room choose full-spectrum bulbs. Choose the Right Color Color makes a big difference in low light setting. Stay away from dark or rich tones because it will only emphasis dullness in the room. Pale shades is a good option to reflect the room's artificial light and make the space brighter and larger. Use Reflective Surface You probably heard of using mirror to make a room look more spacious. However, to take full advantage of your mirror, place it opposite a lamp or fixture so there's plenty of light to bounce off the surface. Furnitures with glossy finish also reflects more light. Add Greens Plants can make a room look more lively and fresh. Place it in a dark room to brighten up the space. Choose bold and vibrant and set it on your coffee table or line a bookshelf with them.
@nannysally Thanks! I have a few favorites from that site.
Nothing like flowers for me to brighten up my house! Provides pretty view and feeling of outdoor.
@stargaze You can find a good selection from Wayfair.
I've been using a pendant light from Ikea. Ideally, I would want a chandelier fixture, but it needs to fit the budget. What's a good place to search for one? @nannysally
This is a really great post! I might need to hold onto some of these tips for my new apartment,.