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U have to leave after a month" ES says "GM said this is most safe place and ordered me to stay here." CY says "U've done all the things for me, right? U also came back here because I was continually worrying GM and NK. Look. From now on, first I'm gonna find ur antidotes. But if I can't, I'm gonna ask u if u can stay here. I will protect u for a lifetime. So at that time when I ask u, are you gonna answer me?" CY asks if he can attack DH to get ES's antidotes, and GM allows to do it officially. CY calls ES and says "Didn't u come here to hide? Why u hang out like that?" ES says "I thought it would be ok to be among military. And I was just waiting u to get permission to go to pharmacy to get some medicine, sir." CY says "Would u call me sir once again?" and tried to kiss her, but his servant step in the moment. In the meanwhile, GC foces GM to give ES back to him, but he refuses. GC says "Then I will find her by myself." So his servant CEJ and HSI began to find her, attacking palace. Soldiers looked who died and found JH died. They gave his stuff to ES, saying he was holding it until he dies. It's antidote which he was making for ES. CY goes into GC's home to catch DH. But DH already is running away, so GC orders to follow him. GC ask to meet ES, but CY refuses it. Servant have controversy of if war gonna happen or not. And CY report to GM that he caught DH. Then he hear the news which palace was attacked and JH died. ES is in shock because of it. ES says "This is antidote which JH made for me and protected until he dies. He died because of me.." CY leads her to bed to give some rest. Then he says "I killed a person for first time when I was 16. I killed Japanese who attacked our country, and people praised me. So I was excited, but at that night I was so afraid. You can't say so that easily that u killed someone. Now get some sleep." ES feels comfortable and sleeps. Next morning, CY goest to DH and asks "This is last time. Do you have antidote?" DH says "What antidote? Ah, the antidote for ES? If I give u back, are you gonna give my position back?" CY tired to find it in his body, but he can't. Suddenly Won embassador comes in and says "DH is noble and it's Won's duty to judge if he has crime or not." CY asks "Why u try to kill ES and how u know my name?" He replies "I'm gonna explain directly it when I meet her. When I came to Go Ryeo, I got an information. It said GM is now like tiger, but without CY he would be cat. So remembered ur name." *In Won, the department called Jung Dong Hang Seung handle the duty to judge noble's crime. GM is debating if he gonna attack Jung Dong Hang Seung or not. In the meanwhile, GC is planning coup with DH. ES is caring NK and NK asks "Last time, u told me knowledge from heaven. U already knew that I'll have abortion, right? When can I have baby next time?" Then suddenly ES gets a letter from Won embassador. ES is surprised seeing it, so goes and asks about it to him directly. HSI and CEJ are still looking for ES, and CY's friend asks money for he let them know where ES is. So he guides them to a place and they were trapped in. HSI tried to burn it, but the place was covered with oil, so she couldn't. Then CY comes and says "You guys attacked palace, right? If you don't wanna be in danger, give up and follow me." While thratening them, CY feels hands trembling and wonder about it. Won embassador says "You seems like u know this langauge. Wat this say? This is my ancestor wrote. I don't know it but I just write it memorizing this. He said there was a women who came from future and survived ppl using future technology. The two boy she survived became boss of thieves and killed many ppl. My ancestor left a will which later if there is a woman called doctor from heaven, kill her and save the world." In the letter, ES's name is written. He says "Do not survive anyone and do not kill anyone." But ES gets angry of it and says "I'm not gonna care if u are gonna kill me or not. My behavior gonna change the world? So what? If I live in this world, this is world I belong to." At that night, ES and CY is taking rest. Then she finds CY's hands trembling. He says it's just because of lack of sleeping, and they sleep together. GM was invited to Jung Dong Hang Seong to involve in the process of judging DH's crime. But CY's worried about it, cuz he can be hostage in the moment GM wanna attack the department. But GM decides to go there, so CY plans to protect him. ES helps CY to prepare to go to work. She says "If you feel the trembling continually, tell me immediately." ES is alone in room, then suddenly ninja invades in.
the "ninja" as everyone is calling him looked a lot like the guy CY fought in the last episode...but i hope he is coming to bring good tidings...but most likely our heroine will get kidnapped again.... too bad she is probably too sick to do anything about it...
that ninja is the man who not kill by CY in last duel maybe.. or maybe the yuan envoy itself
Dr. jang died because he has eye injury in real life :D
hope everything turns out fine by tomorrow!! thanks again njkim...^^
eun soo don;t be killed by that man >.<
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