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So, I wanted to share an app with you guys. I don't have a channel that plays kpop or anything so when it comes to new music I usually just randomly come across it on Youtube. I have discovered kpop music I liked through an app called 'TuneIn Radio.' You can use the search bar to lookup 'kpop.' Yes, there are some ads but nothing excessive. Stations I like are: Big B Radio Radio Kpop Sweet Kpop You can 'follow' these stations. Once you follow you can view which stations are playing which songs so you can switch to another station if you don't like the song playing. *I believe it is available for both IOS and Android (:
@MattK95 Welcome. Hope you like it. (:
Thanks @aabxo for sharing this, I've found tons of Kpop on iTunes Radio, it works best if you make a station of your own, from a Kpop artist you like. I'm definitely going to try this app :)
@danidee I listen to iTunes as well. (:
iTunes has a really nice K-Pop radio station too! It's kind of like Pandora.