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Since I couldn't come up with my top 14 songs of 2014, I decided to break my 14 into smaller parts. The first part will be choreography! Every year Kpop groups are stepping up their choreography game and coming out with some seriously amazing routines. Here are my top 5 favorites (though I'm probably forgetting a ton of amazing ones!) Let me know which other routines you'd add cause this year was jam-packed with great dances to choose from! Thanks @Cryomorph for starting this! I challenge all of you to list up your 14 favorite songs/concepts/videos - whatever! from the kpop world of 2014^^ Be sure to tag me in the post so I can check it out~ 1. VIXX - Eternity I am such a sucker for VIXX so this isn't really fair :) Ever since On and On when they started lifting Leo and literally raising Ravi from the dead, VIXX has been experimenting with how they can toss their group members around. I love how they raise N and Ken in the beginning of this choreo. (Also, has anyone figured out how they throw Ken in the beginning of Voodoo Doll?! I am still so amazed!) 2. Infinite - Back Infinite was really my first love and I still have such a soft spot for their choreography. What I really don't understand is how they can do this super energetic dance perfectly in sync and still be able to sing it perfectly (I'm really proud of all of their music removed performances^^) 3. Sistar - Touch My Body When I first saw this dance I thought the butt-shaking thing in the chorus was pretty weird but now I LOVE it (and I totally do it whenever I think no one is looking^^) 4. EXO - Overdose Whoever choreographs EXO deserves all the awards. How do you get 10 boys (in this case, 12) to look this awesome for every single? Thanks to great camera work and a really cool use of levels, this became one of my favorite dances of 2014 (still hate that clap track in the background though...) 5. BTS - Boy In Luv HOW ARE THEY SO IN SYNC. I seriously watch this all the time. I show this to a lot of my non kpop friends too and even they agree that BTS kills it. Such an awesome routine!
the body roll in eternity by vixx killed me
Bwahahahaaaaa omg noooooo @callmekaren....I could never hate on Infinite's skills, dancing, singing or otherwise. Their syncronization blows my mind....first time i saw the perfectly synchronized Scorpion dance? Uhmmm yes please I'll take some of that :) aaaaand little Sungjong<3 he's a cherub. How could i hate on that? No hate here....all love lol. *picks up @callmekaren's purse* you dropped this lol :)
Ohhh having VIXX on your list is SO fair @callmekaren Their choreo is ama-za-zing. Infinite tho? Just not fair....they're almost inhumanly in sync lol jk I love Infinite<3 EXO<3 BTS<3 Now if I get hate for saying I'm not a fan of the Touch My Body Choreography.... so be it...../.\ but I'd just like to make it clear that I do adore the divas of Sistar and I adore the song.
The choreography for Touch My Body is so funny, but it's become really iconic too!
@callmekaren they really are, one of my fav groups for sure :D
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