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Welcome again, everyone! This quarter is almost over, which means that moderators will be changing again soon. I've applied once again to be Creative Writing moderator, and a believe one of our regular members has applied for Poetry, so, with luck, we'll still be with you as moderators in the upcoming months! As it was a very busy month, I wasn't able to do weekly writing featuring. It's almost been 4 weeks since the last one. So, here are some of the absolute best cards from our communities this month! Top Card: - "Dr. Love's Dream Chronicle" by @DJamesBreaux This card will be made "sticky" to remain at the top of the Creative Writing Recommended Feed for at least one week (it depends on when the moderators take over!) Congratulations @DJamesBreaux! Five Great Runner-ups: - "Infinite Questions of an Infinite Mind" by @WyattHaste - "CAPS" by @KaitlynnJanae - "Peter Crown (vs. the Devil" by @WynnBrothers - "To Whom It May Concern" by @DanielRivera - "The Outcasts" by @Gilbert09 I recommend you all go and read these pieces, learn from them, give them feedback, and enjoy! I hope that next week I can showcase more great works to inspire your writing. See you on the other side!
it does and thank you. Most of my poems are copyrighted, thankfully though I own the rights to them.
Congratulations, everybody!!
I added one of my poems on my page. I hope everyone enjoys it & if you wish let me know what you think. please be gentle, thanks everyone.
Congratulations, everyone!
@Heartofgold35 Hello! Yes, if you write a poem, you can put the text directly on the card. Then, when you publish the card, publish it to the "poetry" community! Then all members of the poetry community will get to enjoy it. I hope that helps!
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