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The new year is approaching sooner than you think. I was going to call this "2015 New Year Resolution" but I feel like we never keep the resolution we make at the beginning of the year. Instead of forcing it I want to make this a slow progression. Everyone works on different pace, but here are tips you may want to adapt to help you stay on track. 1. Make a to-do list. For work, I like using Evernote to keep my task and notes together. Everything is in one place and it's the first thing I open each morning. For personal projects and meetings I like to keep it in a pocket-size notebook. I would be lost without it! 2. Give yourself a small reward for completing big tasks. It's a way to keep you motivated and hustle for the next project. A movie night with some friends or a short getaway refresh my energy! 3. Take small breaks between tasks. Sometimes you want to power through one task to complete the next, but it's good to break up tasks that take a long time or that are physically demanding in any way. Give yourself a quick snack or stretch (if you sit all day). Then finish up your work. You'll feel better. 4. Avoid addictive time wasting activities. Do you spend (a lot of) time on Instagram? It's time to set limits for mini "time wasting" sessions. It is okay to get a mental break, but don't get sucked in. Give yourself only 2-3 scroll through your feed then stop. 5. Get as much done during the day. If you work from home it's easy to start the day late because you're on your own schedule. However, if you tackle your task in the morning you will start your day with a bang. The momentum will keep you moving. In addition, you'll have the whole evening to rewind and relax. 6. Tackle tough to-do first. I hate running errands because of LA traffic, so it's always a struggle to get out of the house and drive. Morning traffic is definitely better than evening, so if I have any errands I will get it off my list first to avoid wasting time. What's the secret to keep you motivate? Share with us.
I definitely need less scrolling in my life in 2015!
@deadmen0205 I think everyone struggle with number 4. I'm guilty for that too. I'm trying to spend less time scrolling through facebook and instagram pictures.
Clipping this! 2015 is going to be my year!
@Spudsomma Pomodoro sounds amazing! Considering I do a bulk of work from home (and even in the office, I'm on this very same laptop), it seems like an excellent productivity tool!
Small breaks between tasks does wonders for me! I can't work on a project for too many hours straight unless it's something I've been planning fo rmonths, so that works so well.
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