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I am not a big NFL guy, but I am still surprised by this move. I know that Harbaugh was rumored to be on the hot seat for the majority of the year, but some part of me really did not expect the trigger to be pulled. I mean the guy was considered one of the top young genius coaches of the NFL only a year ago. So how did this relationship unravel so quickly? There is no real answer to this question. The only thing that one could say is that in the NFL what you did last year means nothing. If you are a COACH. If you are a player, you are still getting paid for things you did 2-4 years ago, but if you are a coach, you are dispensable. This is interesting because this basically means that a there is not much of a difference between a great coach and an average coach. This basically means an average coach could win the games a great coach can, doesn't it? If that is true, then why pay these exorbitant salaries?
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Yeah, but the Raider talk is still going around regardless
@sanityscout it is pretty understood now that he will go to coach his alma mater, Michigan for a lot of money lol
I think this was a terrible move on their part. I'm curious to see which offer he takes.