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For this list I chose the songs that are really close to my heart , the ones I can and I will listen to over and over again from Kpop stars. These songs from these bands is the reason why I love Kpop. And definitely the reason why I come back to it over and over again. Most of these songs include collabartions of some kpop bands and some are most favorite song from the latest album released from my top bands of Kpop. I hope you all will enjoy it. 1)Ak Mu (Melted) I believe this song and Mv is the best song from this brother and sister band the message is so clear. I completely love this song and this MV the most. 2)Jung Joon Young & Younha (Just the way we are ) such a beautiful collaboration made by these 2 , I completely love this song. The message behind it , the mv and the song is just beautiful. 3)Taeyang and Tablo (Eyes Nose Lips ) One of the Best collaboration and cover version of this song. I completely love taeyang shi and tablo shi for making this song cover and collaboration. 4)Cnblue (Love is ) My favorite song from cnblue new album can't stop , this song is painful and just beautiful , just describes how love comes and hurts at all times. :D I love this song and Cnblue even more. 5) So you and jungi go ( Some) I think tis song and Mv is one of the best kpop love song mv made in 2014 so have to include this one. 6)JyJ (Creation) This is my top favorite song from JYJ new album (In Heaven) the lyrics are powerful and damn encouraging. and I completely love JYJ 7) BTS (Tomorrow) This song I can definitely relate to it, I think we all can. This song is definitely the reason why I love BTS boys so much and their music. 8)GD ( Who you) this song is in the list just because I love GD sometimes a bit more in this sweet kind loving side just like in this MV enjoys, GD doesn't always show this side of his but he is just superb. 9)BTS (Just one Day) I Think this song is made for all the fangirls or just for your crush. A Really sweet yet loving song enjoy all, and keep dreaming and crushing hahas :D 10) Ladies code (I am Fine Thank you) RIP such a sweet beautiful song from Ladies code I feel terrible for loosing two lovely members of this band. They will always stay with us, in their music their voice, their loving messages they have left for their fans. May their souls Rest in peace , their music will always be remembered and for the other 3 members please stay strong we fans are always here for you all always. credit to all actual owners of the videos. @jigzzy19 @Mattk95 I hope you all will like my list I will do the ost one some other day , enjoy the music see you all later. Enjoy the last few days of holidays and 2014 it seems to be going really fast. I hope and pray 2015 will bring peace and happiness for us all, Ameen . :) Love you all.
Their debut single Pretty Pretty is still one of my favorite girl group songs. <3
Awesome thanks for the tag :)
This was amazing I love BTS,AKMU,Ladies' Code (R.I.P),GD,and the song Some! I haven't heard the others!! Thanks for tagging!!!! <3
@danidee thanks I hope and pray the same too love ladies code really miss them a lot.
I loved Ladies Code. I hope the remaining girls recover well and continue promoting.
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