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Say hello to your new animal friend on Instagram. Julio, is a fox who travels the world and share his adventures on Instagram (@huntgram). In addition, he recently launched his own photo sharing community app also named "Huntgram" to discover influencers from across the globe. Not only is he charming but this furry animal is impressively innovative. Julio was created by two Argentinians, Lucas Warat and Agustin Gotlib who love to explore and bring the Instagram community closer. I think it's an interesting way to tour the world. It definitely more fun to browse than a selfie! Will you follow this handsome fox around the globe?
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@danidee haha. I'm sure they'll love your company. @deadmen0205 Perhaps from "What does the fox say" music video?
@deadmen0205 It reminds me of Fantastic Mr. Fox!
@danidee Totally forgot about that one.
fantastic Mister fox..ass well as Carfax fox
What about the U.S. Humane Society trying to save Foxes from Fox Pinning in VA! Maybe this Fox is running away before he is caught!