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So it exists! An event for longboarders to dominate the streets!

This video was from 2009, but I did some searching and it looks like the Broadway Bomb still continues 5-6 years later! This got me thinking, what if the Vingle Longboarding Community did something like this where we all got together and shredded the streets? Would that be awesome or what!?
Broadway Bomb 2015! If you guys get through it without getting arrested BBQ on me. :D
I want to go to this. I also want to do a push race in my town.
we in swe have something almost like that, The Gathering Stockholm, 3 day event, slide jams, DH race, and a push thru the city. :-)
@GaryCampbell I'm not sure, wouldn't hurt to see if you can start an event like this. That'd be sweet.
There was a big controversy about the broadway bomb this year. Last year the cops went crazy and tackled people off their boards, so people thought it was canceled this year. There was a fake date for it, and a real date. It was weird. Wish I could've gone, it seems so cool!
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