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Best gift ever this Christmas is my Harman Kardon Esquire Mini portable speakers, I'm floating on cloud nine because I've been wanting one for awhile. I love this speaker, its thin and a little smaller than an iphone 6 plus. I just sync it with my iPhone or anything with Bluetooth and play music either from my playlist, YT or watch a movie..(*_*)
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I thought it was some kind of elite purse or something >_< Sorry abt leaving fb forever @cheerfulcallie
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@dukes1 its a speaker, sound quality is amazing too!!! its thin, a little smaller this an iphone plus 6, its awesome, wireless bluetooth so i sync it with my iphone or laptop...etc...i love it!! @Acezsinkillx babe, you are and i both are the same when it comes to FB, atm im hanging around b/c of the gals too...but you know where to find me, love you sis!!!
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so what your saying is you put on some music, sing in the shower and at times also dance around in front of the mirror now? ha
3 years ago·Reply
@dukes1 of course and so do you? haha!!
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haha ya but I don't have a Harmon/Kardon.. uhh next time Santa hopefully will bring me one too ha.. .
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