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SONAMOO is finally here guys!! I don't know all of their names yet except for maybe 2 or 3 but I am pretty sure that I will learn them quick enough..Enjoy our reaction! All Media (audio & video) belongs to TS Entertainment Follow on Instagram Twitter & Vingle @KpopJunkiesTV
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@callmekaren I agree!! I loved that they did a hip hop concept I just don't think they should have done it for their debut
I enjoy the song but I'm not sure if I love it yet or not, definitely looking forward to more from this group :)
I just checked out the rest of their EP and have decided I love them ^^
yes I love Everlasting Love the most!!!! I like all the other songs too ima have to buy this album @MattK95 and D.ana is my favorite
@KpopJunkiesTV yes that was probably my favourite, I'm buying this album as soon as I can :D