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If you've turned on the news lately, you've probably heard about the drama over Sony's hack, 'The Interview' being taken from theatres, etc, etc. Now that it has been taken out of theatres and made available online, the film is finally out for your viewing pleasure (think of the film as a half-assed documentary on North Korea told through a Pineapple Express screenplay) In 'The Interview' Eminem made a cameo where he -- who is frequently accused of homophobia for his lyrics -- comes out as gay. Check out the clip and see for yourself.
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it was nice talking to you... was interesting..OK bye
@redridergirl I took absolutely no offense to your comment! I completely agree that it doesn't matter at all and hopefully approaching the rumors as a joke will show other people that it really doesn't make a difference what sexuality an artist is. @deadmen0205 I am not sure why you thought redridergirl's comment was hostile but I think we're all saying the same thing here.
@pipeline @deadmen0205 Thank you both! I agree! We are all saying the same thing! We're all on the same page! And here's my line again yall! Happy New Year and may all your hopes wishes and dreams come true in 2015! I pray the world gets better each and every year and in my lifetime it does in some ways like with people coming out of the closet and in civil right and women's rights and in other ways they have been declining like the economy, civil rights and in women's rights and other ways. So please lets all of us keep trying to equal the playing field for us all human beings no matter who or what we all are! Lets enjoy life and each other no matter what! Because life is short and we only live once! This is not our practice life! I really enjoy you all! Thanks for helping me learn new things through your eyes! I love this!
sorry then.we cool now anyways
I actually loved most how the interviewer behaves, making all these rapper hand gestures.