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DIY New Year Party Headband
Get together with the girls and hand make this party headband for your New Years Eve gathering. Super chic and cute. Materials: – headbands – small wooden letters – acrylic paint Tools: – paint brush – nail file or sandpaper – hot glue gun + glue Instructions: 1. Sand down your headbands so they’re ready to be glued and painted. 2. Decide what your headbands are going to say and arrange your letters accordingly. We went for Clink, Cheers and Party. 3. Glue the letters on the top of your headbands with equal space between each one. Let glue completely dry. 4. Paint any sanded areas to match the color of your headband. Finish by painting the letters and let paint completely dry before wearing.
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There's no New Year's Eve party for me but this would be perfect for a ladies' sleepover.
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