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I just started reading a new serialized comic that I'm really getting into. It's called The Last Broadcast, written by André Sirangelo and Gabriel Iumazark and published by Archaia. It combines urban exploration, cryptography and the world of magicians - so basically integrally filled to the brim with intrigue and adventure! In case you don't know - urban exploration refers to the exploration of man-made structures and environments, like caving but in cities. The official website describes the premise as so: "In 1934, the world-famous illusionist Blackhall the Incredible was killed on stage while performing a deadly magic trick. 80 years later, a young stage magician finds evidence of a conspiracy involving Blackhall's killing. Is it a hoax? Did he fake his death? Or was he murdered? Finding the answers will mean seeking help from a daredevil urban spelunking group and exploring a secret bunker deep below San Francisco...all while being hunted by a dangerous cult of spiritualists who believe Whitehall's conjuring abilities were only a disguise for his real supernatural powers." I'm only two issues in, but I'm already deeply pulled in by the mystery and action of the storyline. Most of all, though, I'm pretty floored by the beauty of the art. It's getting great reviews, and I can see why. The art brings together elements of manga and western comics with a style of art that looks almost mixed-media or painted - just abstract and dark enough to add to the mystery and kinetic enough to convey the fast-moving action and ambiance of danger. Can't wait to read more!
Hmm, I'm not sure. You might check the site or on Comixology, which sells digital comics.
Sounds pretty interesting!! Is it only available in physical copy, or online as well?