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Beautiful Brook Trout (?) Pattern
I'm not sure what this is, but a few people seemed to think it's maybe an Arctic Char not a Brook Trout. Anyways, it's not my catch, just found this and thought it was so nice looking I had to share it. Pretty great, right? I'd love to catch some of these.
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@redridergirl Looks like a spawning char to me!
3 years ago·Reply
No matter which it is . It is very colorful and a beauty. . Nice pic @@dougjohnson .
3 years ago·Reply
@BrianMcNeeley Thanks! I just found it on Reddit and thought I'd share it here though haha
3 years ago·Reply
I think it could be an Arctic char or dolly varden...maybe
2 years ago·Reply
it is a brook trout there's no doubt in my mind
2 years ago·Reply