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I just got back from a great trip to my parents' house for Christmas and somehow managed to get my three kids there in one piece (if you knew my kids, you'd know why I am amazed by this) While I'm no expert at a flawless family vacation, I threw together a few tips on how to travel with kids: Take your time When planning for anything remember that you're dealing with seriously curious kids who will wander, dottle, and want to play all over the place. Factor in extra time to your day and don't stress about being late to the next destination! Book ahead Nothing is worse that trying to find good accommodation with tired, hungry toddlers melting down in the backseat. Book ahead! Be prepared for the climate Rain, snow, heat wave - be ready for it all! Children dressed comfortably for the weather and terrain will be happier in a new environment! Be app-y Thanks to toddler-friendly apps, there’s no need to cram a toy box into your hand luggage when travelling by plane. By all means take a book, but the most compact form of entertainment is a device loaded with apps and games. Use public transport Most toddlers love travelling by train, bus and boat, so ditch the taxi cab and use public transport where possible! Keep the activities coming If you’re heading out on a long journey have a collection of toys to be handed out once an hour. Handheld puzzles, tiny colouring books, stickers, wordsearches etc! Avoid sweets Resist the temptation to keep them going on a long journey by feeding them sweets. Pack a mixture of savoury snacks like cheese cubes, breadsticks, fruit and bagels – anything to avoid arriving in a strange city with children in the middle of a sugar rush. Encourage them to keep a travel journal Get your kids drawing and listing things they’ve seen and interesting foods they’ve tried! Brand them If you’re going to be travelling through busy, crowded airports or transport hubs, write your mobile number on your child’s arm. You'll feel more relaxed and murphy's law is they won't ever need to use it!
I love the tip to brand your kids--my mom used to stick pieces o fpaper with her name and phone number on it in our pockets if we were headed somewhere crowded! I knew I was supposed to give this to an adult if I got lost!
Great tips. I thought my toddler would be too small to keep a travel journal, but drawing some pictures is a great idea! Next road trip or flight I'll have to bring him a little blank book and colored pencils.