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SONAMOO criticized for copying SHINee's fandom color
TS Entertainment’s new girl group, SONAMOO, have been criticized by netizens after releasing their official color for their fandom. The netizens consider the color, ‘pearl sapphire green’ (mint) that has been selected by the band is too similar with SHINee’s official fandom color. The similar color has certainly annoyed SHINee’s fans who have been using the mint color since 2008. They have also written various comments on the fandom color of the girl band that debuted in December this year. Read more: http://www.ttwigo.com/idols/v-a/post/sonamoo-criticized-for-copying-shinees-fandom-color/ Follow us on Twitter for the latest update of your K-Pop idol! http://www.twitter.com/ttwigos