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"This has been a difficult year for aviation in Asia” This is a quote taken from this BBC article about the disappearance AirAsia’s Indonesia flight QZ8501. While true, it is definitely one of the understatements of the year. Let us recap what has happened for Asian airlines over the past 2 years: Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 disappeared on its way to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur in March. The wreckage has yet to be found. Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down over Ukraine in July. Korean Airlines was thoroughly embarrassed after its CEO’s daughter forced the plane to turn back to chastise an employee. All the while breaking a few safety regulations. Asiana Airlines flight 214 crashed in San Francisco on July 6th, 2013. 4 incidents in less than a year and a half. If there is ever a time to worry about flying in Asia, it is now. One thing that I noticed about asian airlines is that they can go one of 2 ways. They can either be one of the expensive, nice airlines, like Korean Air or Singapore Airlines, or they can be one of the cheap, no-service airlines. It is incredible how big a difference there is in these two realms. I have traveled both, and one thing I can say from my experience? The cheaper ones are scary. Airlines like AirAsia, Jeju Airlines, Macau Airlines, Malaysia Airlines focus so much on cutting down costs that they seem to not only sacrifice service, but also the airplane. Now, I am not saying that these planes were to be blamed for these accidents (I mean Asiana had issues too), but I just cannot help but wonder how much of it was airplane issues. I have flown Airasia, EastarJet, Jeju, and Macau, and I can say without a doubt that their planes are of a much different quality. So I wonder, is it better to risk your life (if even a little) boarding an inferior plane in order to save a few hundred dollars? I pray for the families of the passengers, while I hope for real reasons to come forth so that we can prevent these type of accidents.
@Goyo Aviation is a scary thing. When you really think about it, we've only been in the skies for a small bit of time. Though I am fearful of the dangers, aviation will only get safer and safer as time goes on, thankfully!
@hikaymm Yea the incidents regarding the more expensive planes seem to be more human error, or not as severe. @greggr I was also shocked at the standards associated with air traffic. Even in the AirAsia incident, it seems like the pilots requested to be allowed to climb higher to avoid the storm, but were basically denied because there was too much air traffic. How this may have contributed to this disaster is unsure...
@riva I believe that traveling via airplane is still extremely safe. The issue is just making sure that you consider your safety as well when choosing how to fly. We should not only consider monetary issues. I could just be overdramatic though lol
This has indeed been a tough year for aviation. More than anything else, I hope that these planes can be found and that those lost can rest peacefully. If the planes are able to be recovered, there is more hope of discovering just what went wrong. At the very least, we need to improve the standards of tracking planes and also of the aircrafts that are permitted to go into the skies.
Personally, I'm of the opinion that saving a little more money and taking the more expensive flight is worth it. I have been on both the cheaper and more expensive flights, like you, and I can definitely feel the difference in quality as well. To me it seems the Asiana incidences were still the "less severe" of the incidents that have happened recently, showing they might still be the right choice!!
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