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"Content is King" This is no more true than it is these days. The amount of people who are trying to create the next groundbreaking product is enormous. These people are doing everything to get their product in the limelight, and recently the idea that natural content presents products the best way has arisen. Companies are now investing in creating content teams that will elevate the story of their product beyond their competitors. This is why you see companies like Pepsi, Toyota, etc paying millions of dollars to Buzzfeed (and the like) to create content to promote their products (or what we call, "natural ads"). You need different types of talent Client communicators => Someone who is able to subtly and effectively pass your message to your user base. Should be someone who does not press to make it always about your company, rather someone who is able to allow users naturally to buy into your company line. Business strategy => someone who is able to wrap the entire marketing effort into one cohesive train of thought and goal. This person who see what the goal of the business is, and how all your marketing campaigns tie back to it. Online marketing => social media marketer? Every product needs someone to be able to get the word out. This requires someone who has some number sense, and who is able to identify outside trends and how to apply them to your cause. Content People => People who are able to create content that elevates your brand value. This content should portray your company as one of the leading minds of the field. This article outlines essentially 2 leaders. One overall leader who deals with content from an overall marketing perspective, and 1 leader who deals with content on a more personal level. The latter is more in charge of making sure the content is the right type of content for the service Typical structure of a talented content team: Senior director of content marketing Senior managing editor Two content marketing managers/writers Community manager Web/interactive designer Videographer They identified the best candidates for content strategist as people who: - Write every day to continuously refine their skills. - Have high standards and are capable of creating content that inspires, educates and entertains. - Have solid online identities and are active in social media. - Are multi-dimensional marketers skilled in integrating traditional and new media tactics. - Can show a “sizzle reel” of engaging content. - Read blogs and books to keep up with content trends, tactics and news.