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late xmas post
got my boyfriend his first longboard for Xmas. I had muirskate put it together but I decided to take it apart so he could learn and begin to be one with his board.
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in the bottom corner of my last post it's orange
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I do a lot of distance cruising with friends but some downhill and freeriding I was getting really into freeriding but got into a bad accident downhill and since then I've just been cruising while my back recovers
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Thats good you're recovering @AftonFedak have you tried freestyle? The tan tien has some little kicks so it's okay for freestyle. If you're ever doing solo skating try it out.
3 years ago·Reply
@steezus yea that's what I meant by freeriding. but yea I have a lot of fun with it but even though I'm recovering I still freestyle a little but not much I can't risk falling
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Lucky man right there!
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