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I'm pretty stoked about Rise of the Tomb Raider game, so it's too bad that I still have to wait a while to see it. Even though the official website gives a release date of "Holiday 2015," I still consider it one of the games I'm most anticipating this coming year. I've been really happy with what they've done with the franchise lately - and thought the reboot was awesome. This trailer makes me think they're going to continue down that path, so I'm very optimistic. I like the idea of going farther into her mind and motivations, though I guess at this point there's no telling how much of that is the trailer and how much will be threaded throughout.
I want to play it :):)
This is soo exciting, I'm glad they are rebooting Tomb Raider, not that I didn't live the original series of games, I've played them all people XD I think this is exactly what the franchise needed :)
Still should have been on PS4 as well
I don't think it's based on any of the movies, that I know of. Since the game franchise existed first, it has independent story lines and the game play does involve problem solving. I'm not sure what that aspect will be like in this new game, but I'm sure it will have a lot of great obstacles to solve!
This actually looks like a game I'd lvoe! Does it include puzzles rather than just action like I'd expect it to based on any of the Tomb Raider movies?