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When I met LIFE - an original poem I stood at aft And watched the wake As it tries to escape the ship Awash with grief I reflect on life, Threw down my bargaining chip... “Life” I said “Where have thou gone?” “Was it not just yesterday my pact with you was made?” “I promised to give the half of me if my wishes you did bade!” In the rustle of the wind that whipped the sails A scornful laugh I heard; “You stand here and demand your will But your motives are all blurred!” “You wanted all But feared to tread How do you make that out? Is the biggest secret not That dreams should have no doubt?” “Everything you could ever need, At birth was given to you free The paths then took and choices made Were solely up to thee” “No creature in the universe Has close as much as man Yet still he choose to live a life As if no wonderous PLAN” “In each of you imbedded deep Lies Knowledge of all time Yet frivolously you pass it by Discarding all Sublime” “Each waking second you do live, And even in your dreams Lies power, magic, you’re so spoiled for choice, To bring and serve your means” “Now stand back a while and think What becomes of a tiny seed? Does a mighty tree not grow From what seed you thought was weed?” “As is your mind, So is your path, They’re all the self and same; If what you plant is what you reap, Don’t put LIFE to blame!” “I’ll tell you now and for all time to come Heed this warning well: As you think, so shall it be It’s your heaven or your hell” The sails flapped down and silence fell Astonished and dazed I stand “It’s TRUE!” I shout to no one there “Future’s held in my own hand!” “It’s in ME that lies the power And in ME is all the choice To listen to, or discard at will, The TRUE and silent voice!” How can I waste so much of life The miracle that’s mine Instead of grasp the magic life That’s been there all the time? The sun sets red as whisps of clouds With golden halos set homebound And for as long as I remember…PEACE The true ME....... at last now found…. Full Copyright held by J. Loots Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/myownparadigm Originally published in unedited form on MyOwnParadigm's Facebook page and Website opening to the public in due time.
Yes Greg, 100% written by myself and the essence drawn from my real life's experiences. Regards.
Thank you for that. It is just the kind of thing I have to remind myself constantly
Is this a poem you wrote yourself? It's interesting!